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It’s Elephant Day.
Queen of Liberty tells an amazing tale of how these noble creatures pay their respects in death.
Follow this link to see what they do when they for a birth.


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I saw this on the Internet and I thought it was such a heartwarming story for the holidays.- Alexis

The Elephants Knew

Some will say there is no God,
try and tell that to the elephants…..


Lawrence Anthony, a legend in South Africa and author of 3 books including the bestseller, The Elephant Whisperer.
He bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe from human atrocities, including the courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during US invasion in 2003.

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died. He is remembered and missed by his wife, 2 sons, 2 grandsons, and numerous elephants. Two days after his passing, the wild elephants showed up at his home led by two large matriarchs. Separate wild herds arrived in droves to say goodbye to their beloved ‘man-friend’. A total of 31 elephants…

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Big Change in Cuban Relations, No Change In Cuba’s Police State


Before you stick that Cuban cigar in your mouth, know who you are really sticking it to.
Horrifying look at life under the Castro’s jackboot in Cuba.

Originally posted on American Elephants:

There has been no indication whatsoever from the Cuban police state that they have any intention of lessening the oppression of the Cuban people., but nevermind, Obama wants to “normalize” relations. Build an embassy, appoint an ambassador, open up trade. Our Chamber of Commerce is all for it. Lots of tweets from Lefties wanting to go to Cuba before it is inflicted with McDonalds, Taco Bells and Starbucks to “ruin the country.”

Cuban salaries are pegged at about 67¢ a day, according to Michael Totten. What a treat it will be for them to be able to buy a Big Mac for only a month’s income. Cuba has a maximum wage of about $20 a month. Professionals such a doctors or lawyers can make an extra $10 a month

“The government contracts with Spanish companies such as Meliá International to manage Havana’s hotels. Meliá wanted to pay its employees a…

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Jewish Mom gives one daffy duck the business.





Lather, Rinse, Repeat



I posted the great Michelle Malkin’s “To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit”, the harrowing true story of Margaret Sanger’s true agenda in founding Planned Parenthood on their own action wall on Facebook.


Not surprisingly, I was immediately called a racist for objecting to the wholesale slaughter of black babies. Black lives matter, but only if you agree with their narrative. Like Pavlovian dogs, it works every single time. Say this.

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And you will hear this.

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Lather, rinse, repeat.

I Give Thanks for this Tryptophan Coma


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From my sister…
I hope once you pass out you’ll also remember the time Mom ate too much at Thanksgiving and then watched Willy Wonka on TV and got nauseous and even mentioning that title did her in.  It’s funny about Thanksgiving — all this time to prep this large dinner with a meat that most people don’t enjoy and insist on partaking of and denying themselves food throughout the day in order to eat this large carefully presented meal in 5 minutes and then sit on a couch while dreading the state of the kitchen and what to do with the leftovers.
All true, but at least the following never happened….


Where there is smoke…..


To date,18 women have accused noted actor and comedian Bill Cosby of rape or sexual misconduct in some degree or another. Sixteen of accusations have been lodged in the media or social media in the past week.

On behalf of all victims, it is to be hoped that is none of this is bandwagon jumping or hysteria. Does any of this sound alarming?

Jesus Be Damned


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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr ended the Oakland Raiders 368 day losing streak in a surprise victory against the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night.

Here is how ESPN, the AP  and the Oakland Tribune quoted him.

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 9.50.52 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 9.52.07 PMhttp://seattletimes.com/html/seahawks/2025067548_nfl21xml.html



And here is what he really said…..

Just another whining Feminazi



In any juvenile bullying situation, you will see a bully, a target and many, many bystanders. These bystanders are kids who know better, feel awful but do not speak out. If one would, think about it. The impact it would have on the entire situation would be awe-inspiring. Other children would immediately speak out; the bully would hear this, as would those who identify with the aggressor and those who feel sympathy as well as the victim.

One voice has the power to make another voice speak up, or silence the laughter of another. It can make another shut up or make yet another realize he or she isn’t alone and this isn’t ok, but I will be someday.

The laws of the jungle carry forth to the means streets of social media and life. Women put up with rude comments online and cat calling in public and are now ridiculed for asking for legislation to outlaw this boorish behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to dump on these Shiite feministas, however my own experiences make me at least understand why they might be asking for such laws, society never sticks up for them. They didn’t as children and they don’t as adults. As a whole, we are teaching our children not to bully, but we aren’t teaching them what to do when they see it in action.

Everyone has either been catcalled or witnessed the same. But has anyone ever witnessed a male bystander just standing up and telling the All talk no action bigmouth to just shut up? I haven’t either. Men say whatever they want, at any time to whomever they want all the time with positive results. When a woman tries this the outcome is not quite the same.

I recently took down a picture I loved from a collection for which I paid several hundred dollars because I got tired of the following strangers’ comments:

“What Can I say? Your Header pic won me over”

“Mostly the uncropped version, which reminds me, I’ve got a Jacuzzi that’s been acting up. “ 

“well….are you going to come fix it or not?”

One week later….

“so about that tub…”

Teachable moment for those of you who may need one, when your “compliments” are met with silence, they are not compliments they are creepy. And for those of you who did see it and said nothing, well next time you see me, slap me for not knowing my place. Because of creepsters and crapweasels, I can’t have nice things.

What Happened To Jennifer Lawrence Was Sexual Assault


Tell ya what. Let’s ask any rape victim if she’d like to go back in time and have her phone stolen instead.
See the Belle Jar jump the shark and trivialize rape in one nasty blog post.

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:

TW for talk of sexual assault, victim blaming, misogyny

You’ve probably heard about the nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence that were leaked online yesterday. The leak also included nude pictures of Kirsten Dunst, Ariana Grande, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and several other women, but, naturally, it’s Lawrence who’s drawing most of the heat because she’s super-famous right now. She’s also known for being charmingly awkward and honestly if I had to place any bets I would guess that most people were hoping that she would respond to this with some kind of hilariously crass Real Talk about sex and her body and being naked. I keep seeing comments by people who want her to provide the punchline to this joke; what they don’t seem to understand is that this is not a joke, this is a form of sexual assault.

Jennifer Lawrence and the other women involved in this leak were photographed…

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