Whatever You’re doing with that Hand, It ain’t cool, Schlute


I consider myself an ordinary person in possesion of a set of extraordinary pictures. Every so often, I am thrilled to get a compliment on them.

And then this happened. The nastiest creep on twitter decided it was time to pick on me. I have never felt so preyed upon in my entire life. I stayed off twitter to avoid him and sadly took down the picture. If you look at the last tweet, you will see a month elapsed from his creeping and he was responding to a 3 month old tweet. And after he had been asked to please stop looking at my picture and leave me alone.

Now this nasty person has moved on to picking on another girl who likely wants nothing to do with him.

Watch out ladies.. Whatever he is doing with that hand, it’s not cool.


So if I don’t respond to a comment about a picture or AVI change, see above.

Russell Wilson Thanks God and Team….


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After a series of hail Mary type plays in an otherwise fiasco of a clinhing of an NFC Championship, Russell Wilson Thanks God and his team.

Kudos to the following news outlets for accurately reporting Wilsons comments putting God first.



Shame on the AP and New York Times for twisting the narrative.



Never change Russell. In two weeks you will have the bully pulpit. Use it wisely.

Not My Prophet



Originally posted on rightjoy:

Many times over the past few days we’ve heard anchors and reporters refer to Mohammed as “The Prophet Mohammed”. Whose prophet and why bestow this dignified title on the recognized leader of a religion so steeped in violence?  After some research I’ve discovered that this is a prefix used by devout Muslims. So why adopt it as part of our dialog?  This nod of reverence serves only to globally legitimize the Islamist view of Sharia Law and endorse terrorism. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser continually tells US officials to stop telling Muslims what is Islamic as John Kerry stands in front of our nation trying to persuade the world that ISIS is not part of Islam.  It’s time to get real and stop making ridiculous statements as Josh Earnest is so apt to do.  Don’t tell us the sky is red when we know it’s blue.  We can see it’s blue.  Don’t…

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In Frocks we Trust. In Rant Chic ? Not so much…


Shameless re-post….

Originally posted on In Frocks We Trust:

The mean girls at Rant chic strike again with their deeply embedded website blog post “24 things women over 30 shouldn’t wear”, I will spare you the tsuris and computer and phone crashes and break them down for you.

  1. Graphic tees. No reason given. They don’t like them; so like Democrats they want them banned.
  1. Bedazzled anything. I got nothing, except see above and to each his own
  1. Blue eye shadow, concur, but this is true of any age.
  1. Victoria’s Secret Pink. ? Haters.
  1. Leopard Print – bullshit. In small pieces this is perfectly acceptable at any age.
  1. Sparkly Pants. Never heard of them. Where DO those girls shop??
  1. Oversized Sunglasses. Judging by their picture, no one whose name isn’t Elton John should be.
  1. Mismatching socks. Who even does that?
  1. Hoop Earrings. Oh Shut up Rant Chic. Go home, you’re drunk. Do you mean large hoops?
  1. Furry Boots. Unless you’re…

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The Annual Airing of the Grievances


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Socialism Kills


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Socialism kills. It killed Eric Garner. It killed millions under Stalin and it killed again exactly according to plan last night when two New York City police officers were executed by a madman whipped into a frenzy by weeks of protesting and looting in New York and around the country.

To brand the all police ‘racists’ due to the actions of one causing the brutal, heartbreaking death of a man who, sick to death of being hassled for selling loose cigarettes is irrational at best. Some see this as the death penalty due to New York City’s onerous cigarette taxes, others see this as a teachable moment on steroids to comply with police instructions and not resist arrest.

I would think most people would see it as a combination of the later coupled with extreme police brutality while enforcing a ridiculous law that the police should not have to enforce. But to make the leap that all police are racist speaks more to their own racism then that of One Police Plaza.

Suddenly, the crowd that thinks the actions of one police officer means the entire force is racist has decided the execution of officers WenJian Liu and Rafael Ramos were the actions of a crazed lone wolf, well ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky,’ I’m having none of it.

If you think shutting down bridges, blocking ambulances, invading private business and paging race baiting Al Sharpton is a rational response to a brutal heartbreaking death where a man’s last words were “I can’t breathe” than I can’t help.

Liberals. You did build that.

And yet still, New York’s finest remain just that.

Elephants Love


It’s Elephant Day.
Queen of Liberty tells an amazing tale of how these noble creatures pay their respects in death.
Follow this link to see what they do when they for a birth.


Originally posted on Queen Of Liberty™:

I saw this on the Internet and I thought it was such a heartwarming story for the holidays.- Alexis

The Elephants Knew

Some will say there is no God,
try and tell that to the elephants…..


Lawrence Anthony, a legend in South Africa and author of 3 books including the bestseller, The Elephant Whisperer.
He bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe from human atrocities, including the courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during US invasion in 2003.

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died. He is remembered and missed by his wife, 2 sons, 2 grandsons, and numerous elephants. Two days after his passing, the wild elephants showed up at his home led by two large matriarchs. Separate wild herds arrived in droves to say goodbye to their beloved ‘man-friend’. A total of 31 elephants…

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Big Change in Cuban Relations, No Change In Cuba’s Police State


Before you stick that Cuban cigar in your mouth, know who you are really sticking it to.
Horrifying look at life under the Castro’s jackboot in Cuba.

Originally posted on American Elephants:

There has been no indication whatsoever from the Cuban police state that they have any intention of lessening the oppression of the Cuban people., but nevermind, Obama wants to “normalize” relations. Build an embassy, appoint an ambassador, open up trade. Our Chamber of Commerce is all for it. Lots of tweets from Lefties wanting to go to Cuba before it is inflicted with McDonalds, Taco Bells and Starbucks to “ruin the country.”

Cuban salaries are pegged at about 67¢ a day, according to Michael Totten. What a treat it will be for them to be able to buy a Big Mac for only a month’s income. Cuba has a maximum wage of about $20 a month. Professionals such a doctors or lawyers can make an extra $10 a month

“The government contracts with Spanish companies such as Meliá International to manage Havana’s hotels. Meliá wanted to pay its employees a…

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