A Revolution is Growing

Honky Tonk Jew:

When Government declares war on, well, itself… children lose.
Hug a Teacher today.

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On a cold and wintry night in 1773, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. This iconic event occurred because the British government was treating the colonists unfairly and they didn’t have the capacity to listen to their concerns. This would not be the last time in the history of this great country that Americans revolted when government treated people unfairly.

A revolution is growing in New York due to the fact that Andrew Cuomo is incapable of listening to parent’s concerns regarding the education of their children. Quite simply, Governor Cuomo does not respect our teachers or the basic premise of public education. Extortion is the word that comes to my mind when I think of the shameful way he connected desperately needed funding for public schools to draconian educational reforms. He is bleeding public schools dry and then, adding…

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The Witch Hunt Continues


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After  an in depth investigation based on rhetoric and race baiting, The DOJ had this to say about this failed investigation of Officer Darren Wilson.

“after canvassing more than 300 homes and reviewing physical, ballistic, forensic, medical and crime-scene evidence” and examining “Wilson’s personnel records, audio, and video recordings,” Justice concluded Wilson told the truth about what happened that Saturday in Ferguson.”

But this outgoing race baiter isn’t done yet in Missouri.  “We are prepared to use all the power that we have … to ensure that the situation changes there,” Holder told reporters.

When asked if he would ‘dismantle the Ferguson PD, Holder had this to say, “If that’s what’s necessary, we’re prepared to do that.”

Never let no grounds for prosecution get in your way. Does any of this sound familiar?

First scalp? City Manager John Shaw.


A Food blog, by someone who can’t cook.


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My quest for a perfect paoched egg took me to the Food Network, on Alton Brown’s page. What could go wrong? 


Amazingly, I had all the requisite ingredients. Just don’t tell anyone these two items are on hand as cleaning supplies. 


It worked!! I sprinked bacon on it, because BACON. 

IMG_6722 IMG_6723 IMG_6724

Oh no you don’t!!!


Oh, okay, FINE!!


Amazon Flushing Conservative Author Reviews?

Honky Tonk Jew:

It’s very simple. Review the book, deny Amazon the review, blog it yourself and tweet it. If Amazon is dependent upon reviews, starve them out of existence.

Originally posted on Laura Freed !:

To recap: Amazon deleted then blocked my reviews. After I took Amazon’s censorship public on Social Media, they said they were going to reinstate my reviews and reviewing privileges. However, reviews were still missing.

I contacted an author of a book I was sure I had reviewed some time ago – but was missing from my reviews: Dr.  Brian Anse Patrick. Dr. Patrick wrote 10 Commandments of Propaganda. I explained the situation and wondered if he kept copies of his reviews and had a copy of my review.

I have never talked to Dr. Patrick before (however, I’ve always meant to write him an appreciation letter…along with David Mamet!) and was thrilled when he responded.

He explained he does not keep copies of reviews, but does keep track of the number of reviews and notices when new reviews arrive. He stated after my letter, he checked Amazon and noticed there…

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Here’s The Thing….


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Five months ago The Jim and Mickey Show debuted and I haven’t been the same since… “Here’s the thing” is their signature phrase and the three little words I can’t wait to hear all week.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty and Conservative Broadcast veteran Mickey White teamed up and started a weekly radio show that is essentially, “We’re conservative, so what?”

If Seinfeld was a TV show about nothing, The Jim and Mickey Show is a show about everything.

“We’re conservative, so what?”

They speak about pop culture, movies, TV, Football (I capitalize football because if you love Jim and Mickey football is Football), holidays, Halloween (see Football), sex, politics, television and general everything, ‘stuff’.

They are the Tracy and Hepburn of talk radio, the unmarried Burns and Allen who work so well, likely because they are not.

She is my Taylor Swift and has eyebrows to die for. He is my Jerry Seinfeld. Geraghty’s droll wit usually leads to, “welp.. we just lost Mickey” as she dissolves into laughter.  Every week I am one of thousands of people who feel like they are talking just to me. Once they did,

#TJAMS one of our regulars @honkytonkjew

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After years of being marginalized by the mainstream media, we have now had a voice that makes us feel welcome and normal in everyday society again.

She’s Mickey White, he’s Jim Geraghty, and I be all like ; 


Whatever You’re doing with that Hand, It ain’t cool, Schlute


I consider myself an ordinary person in possesion of a set of extraordinary pictures. Every so often, I am thrilled to get a compliment on them.

And then this happened. The nastiest creep on twitter decided it was time to pick on me. I have never felt so preyed upon in my entire life. I stayed off twitter to avoid him and sadly took down the picture. If you look at the last tweet, you will see a month elapsed from his creeping and he was responding to a 3 month old tweet. And after he had been asked to please stop looking at my picture and leave me alone.

Now this nasty person has moved on to picking on another girl who likely wants nothing to do with him.

Watch out ladies.. Whatever he is doing with that hand, it’s not cool.


So if I don’t respond to a comment about a picture or AVI change, see above.

Russell Wilson Thanks God and Team….


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After a series of hail Mary type plays in an otherwise fiasco of a clinhing of an NFC Championship, Russell Wilson Thanks God and his team.

Kudos to the following news outlets for accurately reporting Wilsons comments putting God first.



Shame on the AP and New York Times for twisting the narrative.



Never change Russell. In two weeks you will have the bully pulpit. Use it wisely.

Not My Prophet

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Many times over the past few days we’ve heard anchors and reporters refer to Mohammed as “The Prophet Mohammed”. Whose prophet and why bestow this dignified title on the recognized leader of a religion so steeped in violence?  After some research I’ve discovered that this is a prefix used by devout Muslims. So why adopt it as part of our dialog?  This nod of reverence serves only to globally legitimize the Islamist view of Sharia Law and endorse terrorism. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser continually tells US officials to stop telling Muslims what is Islamic as John Kerry stands in front of our nation trying to persuade the world that ISIS is not part of Islam.  It’s time to get real and stop making ridiculous statements as Josh Earnest is so apt to do.  Don’t tell us the sky is red when we know it’s blue.  We can see it’s blue.  Don’t…

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